Monday, March 18, 2013

30 Hr Famine

Yesterday I enjoyed an amazing experience.
After church, I went fundraising for World Vision's 30 Hr Famine, with four of my friends, and was blessed to meet an amazing man.
But, before I get to that part of the "story," here's a little info on the world and the 30 Hour Famine.
More than 925 MILLION - one in seven of all people alive - are suffering from starvation.
More than 20,000 children, younger than 5, died every day in 2011 - most from preventable causes like hunger, poverty, and disease.
World Vision wants to help.
This Christian humanitarian organization has over 60 years of experiece in feeding the hungry.
How does it work?
People, like my friends and I, go without food for 30 Hours to raise money so that others can eat.
We accomplish this by informing people of World Visions work online or by going door-to-door, which is what my friends and I did.
After we raise $120 or more, we all go without food for 30 hours together at our church.
This fasting gives us a small taste of what hungry kids all over the world feel every day.
We can't save the whole world, but we can help one child at a time ( just $130 feeds a child for a whole year).
We can't feed everyone, but I guarantee you that that ones we do will never be the same.
Every donation, no matter how small, will ease or stop the aches of a childs stomach and the pain of its mother watching it die.
Now, back to my "story."
My friends and I were amazed by the generosity of the first man we met.
This older gentleman happily gave us the $20 bill from his pocket even though he recently lost his wife, job and now his house!
He was not complainging or asking for pity when he told us these sad happenings, but was apologizing for not being able to give more.
My friends and I were overcome by this act of kindness.
We felt horrible, at first, for ever knocking at his door; however, he insisted that we keep the money and said that he was happy we could deepen our faith at church.
This is true giving.
Amazingly, we raised $105 dollars in just 30 mins!!!
If you would like to help feed a child, please check out
Thanks for reading!
~ Kela

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